Likee – Formerly LIKE Video v3.1.3 Apk for Android

Likee – Formerly LIKE Video is a popular global original video creation and sharing platform. In simple words, like is a short video editing tool with thousands of stickers and music magic filters. On likee app everyone can make trending videos with a single tap even you can also make a blockbuster and musical videos in a few minutes. You will not only create or edit short videos on likee app also you can watch other people uploaded videos like tiktok app.

Advantages of Like App

There are a lot of video editing apps floating around on google play store, and this is one of the better ones. Registration’s easy (though the app does ask for your location and wants to connect with your other social media accounts or your phone), and making videos requires only a handful of taps. Stickers work well on the whole, which makes adding top hats and Pikachu ears to yourself and your friends a lot of fun. And video effects, filters, and animations, though imperfect at times, work well enough overall to warrant a good laugh.

The app is meant for teens and above, but there’s a good amount of content created by the under-10 set, which is problematic considering the suggestive content inevitably contributed by aspiring pop stars. Overall, however, during the review process, comments on videos were overwhelmingly positive, and mature content was limited. For older teens who understand what’s appropriate to post, can keep negative comments in perspective, and are ready for some mature content, it offers a good deal of free entertainment and opportunities for some creativity.

Feature & Highlights 

✩ Brand new makeup + Microsurgery feature
✩ Stickers and magical emoticons
✩ Hair color + 4D magic + Superpowers
✩ Video dubbing with the collection of dubbing scripts
✩ Innovating magical live broadcasting platform
✩ Supreme, the fastest production tool

Download Likee v3.1.3 Apk

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